The Best Android Apps of 2018

Don’t think we are all about iPhones over here, we are open to everything so we thought we would look at the best Android apps for 2018.


Nobody likes the idea of wasting all your data on a commute or if you are waiting about somewhere without Wi-Fi so Pocket could be a great way for you to combat that.

The app works in a way that when you do have a connection you can save articles and videos to watch at a later date, the beauty of it is that you won’t have to use your data later.


If you are a fan of Black Mirror it is the perfect opportunity to step into that world. Replika is a virtual ‘friend’ that learns more about you the more you speak to it.


Most folk will know what Kindle is about but the new, updated app makes it easier than ever to turn your phone into an eBook reader.


Most phones are used more and more as cameras so we need a good editor to make sure the pictures we take look their best. With a number of filters and other effects, Snapseed is an excellent, free option.


A great time lapse app for your phone that can create some excellent projects.


Feedly is a great way to get all the information that you want. By subscribing to certain sites, Feedly pulls in their RSS feeds and gives you your own tailored site with the things that interest you on it.


Strava is a great app for people that want to improve their fitness. Ideal for running or cycling it monitors your progress and has an option to pit you against strangers to spur you on.


If you have always wanted to learn another language this is a great way to get started. The simple, easy to use site gives you small digestible chunks rather than hitting you with too much info at one time.


Noisli is a great app to get ambient sounds that will relax you and help to drown out external noise. A lot of these sounds also work really well on babies when you are trying to get them to sleep as well.

HQ Trivia

Finally we have this great app that lets you test your knowledge and win money all for absolutely nothing! Simply enter your phone number to verify then take part in the regular quizzes to win.

You have to answer all the questions correctly and then the prize money is split between all the participants that have got to the end by answering them all right.

There you go, some of the top apps available on Android this year but there are plenty of others that might be of interest to you too so keep searching.

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