Control your Home Heating with Your Phone

Intelligent heating systems have very much come into their own over the last couple of years, with several solutions already available to allow you to control your heating using your smartphone, now an ever growing number of companies entering the market looking to carve out their portion.

The systems that exist all look to make it simpler and easier to control your home heating whether you’re out and about or in the home, many of which aim to help you save money by enabling you to heat your home more efficiently.

Anything that can help save money on heating bill is always a winner a winner in our books so here are some of what we believe to be the best heating apps and services available in the UK that could help you save a few pennies.

Honeywell Evohome

The Evohome by Honeywell is a wireless-connected heating system that will let you control an individual radiator and therefore specific rooms. It connects to your boiler and your existing radiators and you will be able to control your entire heating system through a central console or smartphone app.

Tado 2.0

The Tado 2.0 can be retrofitted to your current heating set-up and it uses a cloud-based heating app to let you control your heating from your smartphone. The system also brings home control in the form of a small square control unit with LED lights that displays the current temperature, plus it also allows you to add a second zone. It also tracks your smartphone’s location and by telling how far you are from the home and what times you usually come in and out at, can predict what level of heating it should use.


The brain child of two former employees of Apple, nest is known as a learning thermostat that can learn an schedule your central heating accordingly. Over the period of 2 weeks or so it will learn when you like to have the heating on, for how long and at what temperature. Eventually it will learn the patterns such as the time period where people leave the house on certain days, your lie-in on the weekends and an empty house on certain days. Nest connects to your Wi-Fi enabling it to know online weather forecasts and there is a 150-degree sensor on board to allow it to detect if anyone is home, which can double up as an intrusion detector.

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